Blue Ocean Wash degreaser is a blue alkaline cleaning agent, dilutable with water. It contains grease cutters, emulsifiers and penetrants for efficient oil and grease removal. Blue Ocean Wash degreaser is extremely versatile and can be used safelyon most surfaces for removing a wide variety of soils.


Oil casing, Drill pipes, Gearboxes, Engines, Pumps, Compressors, Rig floors and walls, Cables, Tools, Filters etc. Blue Ocean Wash degreaser can be applied by high-pressure foamers and steam cleaning equipment, or simply by hand with the aid of cloth, mop or brush.


1. Environmentally responsible .
2. Biodegradable > 80% OECD 301 B Test.
3. High Flashpoint of 86°C.
4. Harmful Solvent & Glycol free.
5. High efficacy.
6. Economical – concentrated formula.
7. High foaming.
8. Free rinsing.
9. Easily dispersed in foam, high-pressure and steam cleaning equipment.
* This product meets Green Seal™ Standard GS-34 based on effective performance and protective
limits on: VOCs, ozone depleting chemicals, and human & environmental toxicity.


For general degreasing

Blue Ocean Wash degreaser can be diluted 12.5 ml per litre (1.25%) with cold or
warm water depending on the severity of soil to be removed. Clean with cloth or
brush and rinse with water.


Blue Ocean Wash degreaser contains alkaline material. Wear suitable gloves, apron, boots and eye protection during handling. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. In case of accidental contact rinse freely with water and obtain medical attention.
Refer to MSDS


– Physical State Liquid
– Appearance Clear blue liquid
– Flashpoint 86°C
– Danger Symbol Irritant
– PH at 20% solution 10.9 max
– Specific Gravity (SG) 1.02 approximately
– Solubility in water —
– Stability Stable to continued freeze / thaw cycles
– Packaging 25L, 200L & 1000L