Blue Ocean’s Services offerings makes it possible for foreign customers to have solutions in countries without the necessity of having to have a company registered in that country. This service has been created as an extension to our product offerings and arises out of the realization that there are three types of customers.

  • Challenge orientated customers, where the customer has a specific challenge in the Oil & Gas and Marine Industry. Challenges have been met in many other industries, eg Agriculture, Mining, Transport and so forth. Blue Ocean then focuses on an environmental solution.
  • Product orientated customers, where Blue Ocean offers the whole package from purchasing of product to service.
  • Service orientated customers, who have larger purchasing power than Blue Ocean and therefore purchase the product themselves, then only require the service for the product.

For this reason Blue Ocean has focused on:

  • R&D Solutions. Blue Ocean takes on environmental challenges to the industries at contracted rates.
  • Collateral Management. For customers who require the service and purchase their own product.
  • Shipping Assets. ISO Tanks, Containers, Flexi Tanks, where Blue Ocean take responsibility of the asset.
  • Warehousing.