Houghton Offshore

Houghton International brings the highest-quality specialty chemicals, oils and lubricants to metalworking, automotive, aerospace, steel, aluminum, offshore and other industries.


Houghton Offshore-Products Mix

The Offshore Industry product mix provides products for the following applications:

  • Blow out Preventor – BOP Fluid
  • Motion & Drillstring Tensioners – Compensator Fluid
  • Subsea Production Systems – Subsea Control Fluid
  • Underwater Vehicles – Mineral & Vegetable Hydraulic Oils
  • Equipment Protection & Preservation – Rust Preventives
  • Directional Drilling Operations – Lubricity Additives

Compensator Tensioner systems

Houghto-Safe Compensator fluid

Compensator Fluids

Houghto-Safe 273CTF
Houghto-Safe 105CTF
Meets 50:1 Compression ignition test

New Product Development:


OEM Approvals

Rexroth Hydraudyne
Maritime Hydraulics
Control Flow
Brown Brothers
Rucker Shaffer
Western Gear
Retsco International
Huisman Itrec

Rig Operators using Houghto-Safe

Atwood Oceanic
Diamond Offshore
Dolphin Drilling
Japan Drilling
Noble Drilling

Noble Drilling
ONGC India
Petrolia Drilling (Larson oil & gas)
Rowan Drilling
Schahin Cury Brazil
Sea Drill (Ex Smedvig)
Stena Drilling
Transocean (Sedco-Forex, Reading & Bates, Sant-fe,Global Marine)

BOP systems

Stack-Magic BOP fluids

B.O.P Fluids

Stack-Magic 200F
Stack-Magic ECO-F
Stack-Magic ECO-EBF
Monoethylene Glycol

New Product Development:

Stack Magic ECO ULTRA

Drilling Rigs

Houghton’s products utilization

Semi Submersible
Use : Compensator Tensioner
fluid and BOP fluid.

Drill Ship
Use: Compensator Tensioner fluid and BOP fluid

Jack-Up Rigs
Only Use BOP fluid in closed Loop systems.
There are no compensators On these rigs.

Subsea Control systems

Aqualink – Subsea Control fluids

Subsea Control Fluids

Aqualink 300-F
Aqualink 325-F
Aqualink HT804F
Aqua-glycol 24F

OEM Approvals

Cameron Controls
Aker Kvaerner
FMC Kongsberg
Oceaneering Multiflex

Drilling Additives

Drilling Additive

DHM 99-39
Torque Trim 22
Cosmolubric ETL

Sales input into this market has
been through Halliburton Baroid,
Roemex and Shell. Little is known of
the true potential of the market
place outside of these three
companies. However, based on sales
to date and the knowledge of mud
volumes required to drill each hole,
then requirement for additives is
very high.

Hydraulic fluids

Hydraulic mineral Oil

Hydro-Drive HPE 22
Hydro-Drive HPE 32
Hydro-Drive HPE 100

Hydraulic Vegetable oils

Cosmolubric B245 (VG46)
Cosmolubric TR2000
Multi-Bio EP Grease

Major Customers

Soil Machine Dynamics,
CTC Marine,
We currently have
approximately 45% of the ROV
and subsea trencher business.

Ancillary Products

Leak tracer Dye

Houghto-Trace dye

Equipment Preservation

Rust-Veto NTP32
Stack-Guard WG

BOP Cleaner

Systems Cleaner G

Rust Preventives

Rust-Veto AS
Rust-Veto 14
Rust-Veto 33X
Rust-Veto 232
Rust-Veto 130
Rust-Veto 4214
Rust-Veto 321
Rust-Veto 310

OEM Approvals

Sumitomo Steel

Rust Veto AS

Our largest sales came from Rust
Veto AS used for the protection of
threaded ends on drill pipe during
storage. Rust Veto AS is now
considered to be the industry
standard for this application taking
65% of the UK market.

Major Customers

Ramco Tubular Services,
Smiths International,
Petroleum Pipe,
Vallourec Steel
Sumitomo Steel Japan
Nizhnedneprovsky Steel Mill

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